Training Dogs To Enjoy Bathtime A Little More

Bath time is an important part of the grooming process for all dogs. The frequency can vary, but all dogs need a good regime to keep their fur clean and skin at its best. This is why we are so keen to make bath time as beneficial as possible, with all the best products and an appropriate pet bath tub. The problem is that some dogs aren’t so keen on this ritual. How can we train our dogs to enjoy bath time a little more?

1) Start them young

This is a pretty good tip regardless of what you want to train your dog to do. The younger you start, the easier it is for them to learn behavior and get used to things. They don’t have the time to learn bad habits or associate the bath with negative experiences. Start bathing them when they are puppies so they are used to be handled. It also means they can get used to the sensations of the water and products. It might help to use a smaller, puppy friendly tub rather than the bath tub here.

2) Get them used to the bathroom and bath tub

The bathroom may be an unfamiliar place to your dog. New puppies won’t know this room that well, and even older dogs may not come in there often. As a result, the noises, floor and bright bathroom light might take some getting used to. Then there is the issue of getting them in the unfamiliar tub. It helps to make the surroundings more pleasing. Bring in some pet treats that they love, or some toys that also happen to be waterproof.

3) Bathe them with another dog

This is a great tip for dog owners with more than one pooch in the house. Young dogs can feel more comfortable about new situations if they follow the lead of an older dog. These dogs can enjoy the role of providing knowledge and care in these circumstances. This means that bath time for both dogs might be the best solution. It might be tricky at first with two animals to handle, but it will also save on time and water.

4) Bathe them after a long walk

There are a number of benefits to this approach. First of all, this is when they are most likely to be messy and in need of a clean. Secondly, they are tired out and have less energy to protest against bath time. Thirdly, your pet may actually appreciate the bath more as they can cool off and soak in the pleasant water.

5) Always use positive reinforcement

This last tip is one of the most important for training a dog for bath time. Choose best dog strollers for your four leg friends, It always helps to go slow and steady and to make sure the dog is praised and rewarded. Give them praise and treats when they get into the bath tub on their own, when they sit still with the shower attachment running and when they let you handle sensitive areas. This positive reinforcement will encourage the same behavior next time.